Saturday, April 16, 2016

CT *Sophisticat Simone*

CT for *Sophisticat Simone* using her portion 
of the awesome CDO-SteamPunk2016-Collab, available :
I am also using the awesome art of Martin Abel :
Martin Abel Individual Tube 46-2
I am also using a PTU use animation By Sophisticat Simone
Sophisticat Simone Animation Package 171

 photo SigRK-DFD.png


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Cluster Frames TOU

Please be aware of designer's TOU when using ANY FTU CLUSTER FRAMES, that I design. It goes against MOST designers TOU to ADD/EMBELLISH with elements NOT in the Scrap kit the Cluster is designed from. Please also be aware that color change is not permitted unless otherwise stated in designers TOU, IF you are in doubt as to the designer's TOU please go to the LINK provided in the POST with the CLUSTER FRAME and READ the designers TOU. IF the TOU is not at the store of the designer, please go to their Blogs for personal TOU. This also includes PTU Cluster Frames.....ALWAYS LOOK at the TOU.... **PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE FILE NAMES WHEN SAVING FTU CLUSTER'S.......DO NOT CLAIM AS YOUR OWN.THESE CLUSTER'S ARE FOR PU ONLY.** Thank You, Draygonfly Dreams

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